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Delapre Dark

Delapre-Dark_pump-clipDelapre Dark (4.6%) is a black old ale with full flavour made from 5 different malts.


porters_stouts_bottled_bronBronze in the bottled Porters, Milds, Old Ales and Stouts section at the 2011 SIBA Regional Competition in Nottingham.

CBOB-Bottled-Bronze-2010-smallBronze award in the ‘Bottled Beer’ category at the 2010 Great British Beer Festival.

Bronze in the section for Porters, Strong Milds, Old Ales & Stouts at the SIBA Beer Competition held in Nottingham on 19th October 2006.
Cyclops description: See: Dark Mahogany; Smell: Light smokey, chocolate, roasted; Taste: Chocolate, spicy, burnt. Bitterness (scale 1-5) = 3, Sweetness (scale 1-5) = 2.5