A ‘keen fan’ of Great Oakley Brewery

On 14 Feb 2013 we were delighted to get the following feedback from Simon Thompson (Beeston-Nottingham):

Hello Phil & Hazel. I guess I am one of that ever-growing band of beer nerds. I drink, I score, I list. I’ve had over 2000 different real ales in the last 6 years (when i started listing again) and I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed your beers (I’ve had 6 of yours), especially Gobble, Wagtail and Wot’s Occurring. Once I’ve had more than 5 different beers I ‘average’ the scores of the beers I’ve had to work out and rank the various breweries. Of 141 breweries Great Oakley lies 2nd=, which is a fantastic result. Please keep up the good work as I’m a keen fan of it.